Symptoms of mycotoxicosis Sub-Clinical

  • Increased incidence of disease
  • Poor immunity

Symptoms of mycotoxicosis Clinical

  • Reduced feed intake
  • Poorer growth rate
  • Decreased feed conversion efficiency
  • Rectal / vaginal prolapse
  • Sudden death
  • Pale / weak pigs
  • Bloody feces
  • Reduced sow productivity, abortion, increased fetal re-absorption, reduced numbers born
  • Reduced libido, poorer semen quality, reduced fertility, low sperm concentration
  • Inconsistency of sow body condition
  • Delayed puberty in gilts and boars
  • Higher incidence of liver and/or kidney disease
  • Reduced numbers born and milking ability
  • Inconsistency of animal body condition

Swine are sensitive to mycotoxins, especially nursing or nursery-age swine. Producers must be aware that if one toxin is identified in a sample, the chances are high that other toxins are present. Pigs are extremely sensitive to mycotoxins and their presence in feed, even at low levels, reduces performance in growing and breeding animals, affects the immune and health status and can ultimately lead to death. Irreversible tissue damages occur, impairing animal performance even when no mycotoxins are present.

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